2 Dead After Being Electrocuted in Panorama City

2 Dead After Being Electrocuted in Panorama City

Tragically, there are 2 dead after being electrocuted in Panorama City, CA. Ferdinand Tejada and his daughter Janine Reyn Tejada were electrocuted in the backyard of their family home in the 14700 block of Tupper Street on January 25, 2021, when they came into contact with downed power lines.

Mr. Tejada was 53 years of age and Ms. Tejada was only 20.

News reports suggest that the power lines were downed during an overnight rainstorm. Mr. Tejada had gone outside to investigate after he heard a loud noise and smelled smoke. It is believed that he came into contact with the electrical current from the wire at this point and when his daughter attempted to help she suffered a fatal electrical shock.

Media reports indicate that no exact cause of death has been announced for the father and daughter who were electrocuted in Panorama City.

This is a terrible tragedy for the Tejada family. Our hearts and sympathy go out to their family members, loved ones and friends as they grieve the loss of Ferdinand Tejada and his daughter Janine Reyn Tejada.

Unfortunately, electrocutions under circumstances similar to these happen far too often. More needs to be done to protect the public and improve the safety of power transmission in the U.S.

What power companies can do to prevent more people from being electrocuted in Panorama City

This tragedy of 2 people being electrocuted in Panorama City, CA in their own backyard highlights the important steps that power companies must take to protect the public:

  • Power companies must conduct regular and thorough inspection, maintenance, and repair of their infrastructure and equipment. In adverse weather, the poorly maintained and weak areas of a utility’s facilities are especially prone to failure. That’s why it’s crucial that aging infrastructure and infrequently inspected facilities receive greater maintenance attention, so that they will withstand the foreseeable stresses of adverse weather events.
  • Power companies must trim trees and vegetation that is near and/or interfering with power lines.
  • Raise public awareness of the electrocution dangers from downed power lines after a storm, especially at nighttime.

Staying safe after father and daughter were electrocuted in Panorama City

Everyone can learn an important safety lesson from what family members and first responders did after Mr. Tejada and his daughter were electrocuted in Panorama City, CA in their backyard.

Remember these safety tips:

  • Call 9-1-1 – Mr. Tejada’s wife and his daughter’s mother immediately called 9-1-1 and the dispatcher prudently advised her to stay away from the downed power lines which appeared to be sparking
  • Call the power company to report the downed power lines
  • Keep your distance from the power lines until the power company has turned off the power – Firefighters and first responders did not approach or begin to render aid to the victims until the workers from the utility company had arrived and had de-energized the power lines. The Los Angeles Department of Power and Water released a statement warning to not “get near or touch a downed power line,” keep a safe distance from the victim and never touch the electrocution victim.

Need help from an experienced electrocution lawyer?

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2 Dead After Being Electrocuted in Panorama City
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