How a failed electrical connector causes a downed power line

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Responding to concerned reader, electrocution lawyer cites study that 58% of equipment-failure “wire down” outages are caused by a failed electrical conductor

Downed live power line causes Detroit woman’s electrocution

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DTE had put up “caution tape” after Metro Detroit wind storm, but could fatal contact with live power line have been prevented if utility had cut electricity or stationed “wire down” personnel to guard the public?

Are people being electrocuted by common consumer goods?

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Electrocutions killed 60 people per year from 2004-2013; 90% of electrocuted victims were men; most common product category was ‘large’ household appliances

Concerned citizens are bulwark against electrocution

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After a twice-fallen power line nearly electrocutes a mail carrier, a concerned citizen reaches out to an electrocution lawyer for safety advice The best way to protect ourselves from electrocution and electrical shock injuries caused by downed and negligently maintained power lines is us. It’s everyday people. Friends and neighbors and people with the willingness […]

How could Whitefish Energy, a 2-man utility firm, safely bring power back to Puerto Rico?

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When Whitefish Energy was awarded $300M to restore Puerto Rico’s power, critics fumed over how the deal landed. The electrocution safety violation risks are even more troubling

How utility may be responsible in California wildfires

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A closer look at the utility company serving Northern California and California Wine Country shows the dangers that may have played a role in setting the Northern California wildfires in motion

Why get a second opinion on an electrocution case?

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An electrocution death is very different from other wrongful death claims. Your lawyer must have experience with electrocution lawsuits, know the field know-how to prove the case

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