What’s the law for electrocution cases?

Understanding various case laws that require utility companies to inspect and maintain their power lines

The pages below include information on the laws that are designed to protect you by requiring electric utility companies to inspect and maintain their poles and power lines. The information is based on questions that are commonly asked by accident victims and their families.

Are electrocution cases involving power lines considered negligence?

Principles of negligence apply in these cases. Here’s information on what a plaintiff’s lawyer must know.

What are common mistakes lawyers make in electrocution lawsuits?

A list of five common mistakes often made by lawyers who aren’t seasoned in litigating these complicated cases.

What must electric utility companies do to keep the public safe?

A summary of the laws power companies must follow to prevent electrocution injuries and deaths.

How does the National Electric Safety Code apply to my electrocution case?

What electrocution lawyers must prove under the NESC, which sets the law for inspection and maintenance of power lines.

Are utility companies required to inspect their poles and power lines?

Several case laws outline when utility companies must conduct power line and pole inspections to prevent electrocution. Read about them here.

What happens when power line inspections uncover safety hazards?

The National Electric Safety Code outlines the requirements for maintenance and repair of power lines to keep the public safe.

Is the utility company liable if it didn’t know of a power line hazard?

The short answer is yes: A utility company can still be held responsible if it wasn’t aware of the safety hazard that lead to someone being electrocuted.

Is the utility company liable if an object contacts a power line?

When objects come into contact with an electrical line causing injury or death, utility companies can still be liable. Learn about the law here.

What expert witnesses are needed in electrocution cases?

An experienced electrocution lawyer is familiar with the various engineering, scientific and medical expert witnesses needed to effectively prove your case.

What are common defenses in electrocution lawsuits?

Defense attorneys will pour time and money to avoid liability after someone has been hurt or killed in an electrocution accident. Here, we discuss some common defense tactics.

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