How do I find the best electrocution lawyer?

When your loved one has been tragically killed or injured in an electrocution accident at the hands of a power company, figuring out what to do next is very overwhelming. But an experienced electrocution lawyer can take on the power company while you heal, and ensure it’s held 100% accountable for its negligence.

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Meanwhile, our lawyers have provided the following advice to help you find the best attorney for your unique circumstances.

Why should I call an electrocution lawyer now?

Immediately after an electrocution accident, utility companies send teams of their own lawyers and investigators to the scene – often altering evidence to avoid responsibility. Read how your own experienced attorney can help protect you from this serious defense tactic.

What do I need to know about my electrocution case?

To start, there are only two things you need to know that will ensure your protection in a lawsuit against a utility company.

How can an experienced attorney help me?

Here we’re sharing three important aspects of an electrocution case that your attorney must know to properly represent you.

What makes our electrocution lawyers different?

Attorney Jeffrey Feldman explains his extensive experience handling wrongful death and serious injury cases against power companies.

How much does an electrocution lawyer cost?

With a contingency fee, you pay nothing unless your attorneys wins, allowing you to hire the most experienced lawyers with no personal risk.

What are common electrocution injuries?

Learn about several types of harm that can result from direct or indirect contact with overhead power lines.

How does electrocution from power lines cause death?

Although it’s inherently difficult, family members of people who have been killed often want to understand what happened and how.

Can I make a workers’ compensation claim for my electrocution injuries?

Work comp may apply, but there are also other parties that may be responsible for your injuries and loss.

What does a legal investigation entail after an electrocution?

Here are the steps we take in our investigations, to ensure the facts that lead to the death or injury of your loved one are uncovered, and the electric utility company is held 100% responsible.

Do I have an electric shock lawsuit?

Below are some common questions our injury attorneys hear about electric shock and litigation surrounding these serious injuries.

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