Are downed power lines like the movies?

Unlike the movies portray, downed power lines give no clue that they carry lethal doses of electricity

Downed power lines are nothing like the way they’re depicted on the big screen. When power lines come down a pole or fall to the ground, they give no clue that they’re energized and that the wires are live. They don’t make noise, spark, arc or squirm. There’s nothing to suggest to the average person that they carry lethal doses of electricity through them.

Below, attorney Jeffrey Feldman discusses his tragic case involving the death of a 5-year-old girl, who came into contact with a downed power line that was covered by leaves following a storm. He also touches on how the public – and even communication workers – do not understand the hazards downed power lines pose, partly because of a misconception due to the way they’re portrayed in the movies.

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