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How a failed electrical connector causes a downed power line

Responding to concerned reader, electrocution lawyer cites study that 58% of equipment-failure “wire down” outages are caused by a failed electrical conductor

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Downed live power line causes Detroit woman’s electrocution

DTE had put up “caution tape” after Metro Detroit wind storm, but could fatal contact with live power line have been prevented if utility had cut electricity or stationed “wire down” personnel to guard the public?

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Concerned citizens are bulwark against electrocution

After a twice-fallen power line nearly electrocutes a mail carrier, a concerned citizen reaches out to an electrocution lawyer for safety advice The best way to protect ourselves from electrocution and electrical shock injuries caused by downed and negligently maintained power lines is us. It’s everyday people. Friends and neighbors and people with the willingness […]

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Better downed power line detection is not a fantasy request

Power companies can better monitor for downed power lines. If they already did this, two Texas brothers never would have been electrocuted

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Is that downed power line capable of electrocuting someone? Always assume it is.

To stay safe, steer very clear of any downed electrical wires; treat them as live and energized; beware of nearby objects that may have become electrified; call 9-1-1 and, then, call the power company

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Electrocution dangers may be lurking where you least expect

Electrocution of bicyclist on the Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail in Tampa, Florida, due to a downed power line, shows why utilities need to be proactive in inspection and maintenance to protect unsuspecting public

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Complaining about a downed power line on social media can actually save lives

Today it’s easy for utility companies to monitor social media and Twitter for terms such as “power outage” or “downed wires” as a fast way to detect dangers

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What does a downed power line really look like?

Why downed power lines typically do not look like what you see on TV or in the movies Many people ask me what they can to protect themselves if a downed wire falls. After all, I’m an attorney who’s litigated many of these unfortunate electric shock injury or death cases, so I often get questions […]

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The right way to handle a downed power line and protect first responders

Wisconsin line workers and firefighters work together in mock exercise to demonstrate the role of cooperation in preventing electrocution disasters As an injury attorney who has spent 30 years helping people who have been hurt, or tragically the families of people who have been killed in electrocutions, I try to use this legal blog to […]

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