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How a failed electrical connector causes a downed power line

Responding to concerned reader, electrocution lawyer cites study that 58% of equipment-failure “wire down” outages are caused by a failed electrical conductor

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Are people being electrocuted by common consumer goods?

Electrocutions killed 60 people per year from 2004-2013; 90% of electrocuted victims were men; most common product category was ‘large’ household appliances

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Concerned citizens are bulwark against electrocution

After a twice-fallen power line nearly electrocutes a mail carrier, a concerned citizen reaches out to an electrocution lawyer for safety advice The best way to protect ourselves from electrocution and electrical shock injuries caused by downed and negligently maintained power lines is us. It’s everyday people. Friends and neighbors and people with the willingness […]

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Electrocution dangers may be lurking where you least expect

Electrocution of bicyclist on the Courtney Campbell Causeway Trail in Tampa, Florida, due to a downed power line, shows why utilities need to be proactive in inspection and maintenance to protect unsuspecting public

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Why aren’t power lines buried in the U.S. like they are in Europe?

While the costs are higher, installing power lines underground would prevent electrocution deaths and electric shock injury lawsuits, keep the public and our utility workers safe Many of the legal experts I work with in electrocution lawsuits will examine a given case from a number of different angles and perspectives. Some of these experts look […]

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