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Tree trimmers work to give power lines some clearance

Utilities are sending hundreds of tree trimmers up cherry pickers. While removing branches near power lines works temporarily, failing infrastructure’s the bigger concern

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Is that downed power line capable of electrocuting someone? Always assume it is.

To stay safe, steer very clear of any downed electrical wires; treat them as live and energized; beware of nearby objects that may have become electrified; call 9-1-1 and, then, call the power company

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5 cool facts about the utility poles across the U.S.

Ever wonder what’s going on with those utility poles as you look up? Here are some quick insights to help you better understand what’s happening with your electricity As one of the few lawyers in the United States to litigate electrocution death and serious injuries involving power lines and utility poles, when I look at […]

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I want to do some yard work, how can I be sure it’s safe with the power lines and underground electrical wires?

These “Above and below” power line safety tips from Consumers Energy can help save lives, especially in the summer when Michigan residents are doing yard work and participating in outdoor activities Now that the summer heat has returned to Michigan, Consumers Energy is reminding the public to stay safe while working and playing outside, and […]

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Ever wonder how birds perch on high-voltage power lines without getting electrocuted?

Power lines may be safe for birds, but they’re deadly for humans. Here’s why… In the movies or on cartoons, you’ll often see comical characters end up with an ash-covered faces and frizzy hair after coming into contact with a live electrical wire. But what makes for entertainment fodder is likely to kill you in […]

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Utility companies across nation are ramping up tree trimming

This move to curb power outages will also help prevent downed wires that can cause electrocution and other hazards Lawyers hired by the big utility companies like to make it seem like a tree falling onto a power line and causing a terrible electrocution accident of a line worker or innocent bystander is an unforeseeable, […]

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3 ways we can save lives now, prevent worker electrocution accidents

It starts with drones inspecting the power lines instead of human utility workers Linemen and other utility workers are often put at great risk inspecting power lines. My most recent electrocution death case involved an independent contractor inspecting power lines, but the problem itself has existed for decades. And it’s getting worse, especially as our […]

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