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Loretta Balotta: “Jeff is very warm and makes you feel like you’re the important one. I have his personal cell phone number.”

Leonard Koltonow: “Jeff is the smartest guy I’ve ever met. He’s a caring human being.”

Rick Arcaro: “I don’t think anybody has this level of competence with electrocution cases.”

“Jeff Feldman is what we call in the legal profession, “a lawyer’s lawyer.” He’s a gentleman that has spent 40 years in this profession, and during those 40 years, has been referred cases from all over the U.S. Luckily enough, he specializes in something even more specialized than tort law, and that’s electrocution cases, Detroit Edison cases, other Edison cases and consumer cases from around the country.

Jeff has had probably one of the largest verdicts in the State of Michigan for an electrocution case and continues to have cases (he’s had two in the last year) where he’s settled for very large numbers. I’m proud to know him and he’s a great lawyer and I expect him to continue doing this into the future.

I met Jeff actually about 40 years ago and during that period of time, I’ve had the opportunity to work with him on cases, so I’ve had the opportunity to see how he works. He’s very, very specific in what he does. He’s very good at what he does. He delves into all the medical and all the liability issues. He’s somebody that I believe personally is one of the smartest, most conscientious attorneys in the state of Michigan.

Maybe in 1981, I believe he tried a case to completion — one of the very few lawyers who has tried an Edison case to completion — and I believe it was a young girl who got electrocuted and was with her mother… He got a $6 million verdict on that particular case, which at the time was the highest for that age group. Clearly, it’s not easy to try these cases because of the emotional aspect of it, but Jeff has been extremely successful. And because of his terrific results, naturally he’s gotten many more referrals.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been involved in another case that he had recently, where we had an extremely excellent settlement on a case he was tenacious about. He just went in there and cross-examined the parties. Because of his tenaciousness, he got an excellent result.

I’m not trying to knock myself down or my partners or anybody else, but Jeff Feldman is really the smartest guy I’ve ever met. He does so much work, prepares so well, that probably any type of case in tort law, I would refer to Jeff. He’s just very bright, very tenacious and an excellent trial lawyer. And those are the things that you need to be successful in our profession.

You have to have passion and you have to have compassion. And what I mean is that not only do you have to have passion to secure the results that Jeff gets. But you have to have compassion. Clients like him; they respect him; he cares. He’s a caring human being. He’s philanthropic in his mind in his own way. He does so much for the community. That together with the type of personality he has, makes really what I consider to be a perfect lawyer.
– Leonard Koltonow Esq., Michigan Auto Law, Detroit, MI

“I’ve known Jeff Feldman for 25 years and I can say with certainty that he’s extremely dedicated, thorough, brilliant and passionate in his work representing injury victims. I don’t know any other attorney who has the level of competence he has in electrocution cases, or who litigates them more thoroughly.

I first met Jeff when I was helping out an uninsured defendant in an electrocution case and he was representing the plaintiff. We then had a case against GM, where Jeff was representing a child who was a paraplegic. It was a very difficult case and because I grew up in Jackson and tried a lot of cases there, he asked me to be his co-counsel. It was in those two cases that I saw his amazing ability as an attorney.

It was a function of his intellectual capacity and his tremendous energy. Jeff would stop at nothing. He would read prolific amounts of paperwork and government studies to get prepared — I’m talking thousands of pages. I’d never seen that kind of thoroughness and preparation. I was particularly amazed because he was the attorney in the office, yet he did all of the preparation and litigation for his appellate and brief work. He got only the most complicated injury cases, because he could untangle them and get unparalleled results. And I saw during the cross examination of the defense experts this amazing skill he had — not only in terms of his ability to cross examine but because of his extreme preparation. It was this force. After I saw that, if I had a complicated catastrophic injury case, I would always bring him in as co-counsel. I was side by side with Jeff litigating these cases.

I’ve been a personal injury lawyer for 39 years, I don’t think I’ve seen anybody that is that dedicated and thorough as Jeff. He is willing because he has an appetite for the knowledge and passion for his clients. No expense is too much. No amount of time is too much. He just devotes himself. For example, in a recent case we litigated, Jeff was preparing for an accident reconstruction expert cross examination. The accident reconstruction expert had written a book. Before the deposition, Jeff had bought the book, read it and used it effectively to make some significant inroads into the expert’s opinion. That’s precisely the kind of skill and intellect he brings to every single one of his cases.

Jeff’s memory also seems to be infallible. He remembers cases from 20 years ago and he cites them. In addition, Jeff has a tremendous depth of knowledge about medicine. His father is a very famous infections disease doctor and his brother is a urologist, so that kind of background is in his blood.

Electrocution cases are a niche. Defense experts for utility companies are the best in the U.S. and it takes an expert to fare against their seemingly unlimited resources and power. The cases are so labor intensive and require you to work around the clock, as the defense team can be up to six or seven attorneys. Jeff brings the intensity those cases require. Jeff would explain to me what he was experiencing in the last case he did involving a young man who was electrocuted when the utility pole broke. He took 23 depositions in two weeks. Again, I don’t know of anybody who has this level of competence. He has been handling electrocution cases for 30 years; he got a $5 million verdict in the 1970s against a utility company. So any litigator knows that Jeff Feldman is the attorney to handle electrocution cases. He is the master in that area.

While the way Jeff handles serious injury cases is impressive, as are his large verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients, what’s really notable about Jeff is he’s just an all around honest guy and a good man. If he tells you anything, you can totally rely on him. The interest he has is all in the name of his clients’ welfare. Jeff is not doing it for the money. He’s doing it because he loves the sense of justice it can bring. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Jeff’s character and legal ability.
– Rick Arcaro Esq., Sarasota, FL

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