Electrocution Accident Lawyers With Extensive Experience, Record Results And Are Protecting Families.

Litigating personal injury and wrongful death cases against power and utility companies nationwide

The Electrocution Lawyers is the nation’s only law firm that exclusively focuses on protecting shock injury victims and families who have lost loved ones. Our electrocution accident lawyers have over 30 years experience litigating these cases throughout the country. And our settlements and trial verdicts in this area have been described as record-breaking in numerous national news reports.

But most importantly, our electrocution accident lawyers have worked hard to change an industry that often disregards safety and puts the public at an unreasonable risk of harm. We understand the catastrophic and heart-wrenching impact that an electrical injury or electrocution wrongful death will have on victims and the devastated families left behind.

That’s why we make it a priority to allow you to focus on healing, while we focus on holding the responsible parties accountable for hurting your loved one. Our law firm is dedicated to this principle. We believe exposing and proving every single safety violation is the best way to protect the families affected by these tragic events. We work tirelessly to make our communities safer and the people we serve whole for the harms they’ve unfairly suffered.

Call us at any time. Our electrocution accident lawyers will travel the U.S. to help you. We will take all of the time you need to answer your questions, at no cost. You can also fill out our no-obligation form on the right for a free evaluation of your important circumstances.  Our “No Fee, No Surprise” guarantee can help put your mind at ease, knowing you will never pay any legal fees until you receive your settlement.

Going up against a large company that has hurt or taken the life of your loved one – often by deliberate neglect and a profits-before-public-safety mentality – does not have to feel like “David fighting Goliath.”

In the meantime, please visit our resource center, that includes frequently asked questions regarding your legal rights after a shock injury or electrocution event.

How do I find a well-qualified, experienced electrocution accident lawyer with a proven record of success?

In the power industry, the saying goes that there’s no small electrical event. Sadly, that means harms are always catastrophic for people who are electrocuted – often through no fault of their own – by faulty power lines and electrical equipment.

When the need arises to find an attorney, people often wonder how they can possibly find one who understands this narrow, complex area of electrocution law – an attorney who has the legal and scientific experience to prove what really happened when the power companies refuse to take responsibility and blame the victim.

Here, we explain the legal process in an electrical event case from start to finish, from how families and victims can find a truly qualified attorney to how these cases are investigated, litigated and ultimately resolved. You will learn:

What’s the law for electrocution cases?

Here our electrocution accident lawyers help you understand your legal rights after an electrocution or shock injury has changed your life or taken away your loved one. We explain:

What happens when utility companies don’t maintain power lines?

Events involving power lines that hurt or kill people are often not accidents at all.

These often occur because the utility company responsible for power lines has failed to inspect and repair its equipment. Here, you’ll find a review of the serious public hazards that arise when power lines are not maintained, including:

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